I’m painting my bedroom.  Yesterday was part II of the saga.  Part I consisted of my roommate and I getting Korean take out, cheap wine and a few rollers to get the project started.

Excuse the mess; I’m working in tight quarters!  I’ll post more pictures when the room is finished.  A deeper orange will be the focal color of the space.  The color scheme was supposed to be reminiscent of a market in Marrakech or an agriturismo in Tuscany.  Whatever it looks like, I like how natural light reflects off the walls.Lunch time rolled around, and I needed some sustenance.  Ingredients for arugula almond pesto by Naturally Ella have been sitting in the fridge all week. (I also recommend the sea salt and honey almond butter recipe from her blog — so good!)

My DIY project was a good excuse to whip up a satisfying lunch.  Unlike the traditional pesto from this post, I opted for the food processor rather than my mortar and pestle.

I dressed leftover pappardelle with the peppery, yet bright, pesto.  Squeezed lemon juice added some extra zing.  A floppy fried egg lounged on top of the heap.  Finished with a few grinds of freshly ground black pepper, this dish hit the spot to return to my painting project.